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The Street: Low Volatility Funds Prove Resilient

Jul 21, 2011

by Stan Lunxenberg

“For a large value choice, consider Auxier Focus (AUXFX).”

Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street

Apr 18, 2011

Jeff Auxier was chosen as one of Maria’s team of “All-Star Advisors.”  Jeff and three others will be featured in a “Sector Elite” section.  Jeff will provide insight on Blue Chip Stocks, finding value in Large-Cap securities and investing strategies.

Q&A with Jeff Auxier of the Auxier Focus Fund — GuruFocus.com

Aug 23, 2010

US News & World Report: Best Funds for the Long Term

Jun 1, 2010

By Kirk Shinkle

“When it comes to choosing a mutual fund, there’s nothing better than a solid track record.”

SmartMoney: 15 Seasoned Pros Beating the Broad Market

May 12, 2010

By Rob Wherry

“Many investors get peace of mind out of putting their money in the hands of an experienced mutual fund manager. The argument goes that a manager who lived through the savings-and-loan crisis, Black Monday or the tech boom-and-bust is better prepared to avoid the next downturn.”

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